World heritage trail Wachau

Long distance hiking – unlimited hiking pleasure

One way, many destinations! A unique natural landscape, far views, famous reeds & Emmersdorf – the world heritage town at the gate to the Wachau! During long distance hiking the way is truly the destination – or what you make of it! The world heritage trail Wachau encompasses 14 stages with different lengths and difficulties in total. Choose your trail yourself – you can always prolong.

One path, many destinations: the world heritage trail Wachau

The new world heritage trail Wachau combines the most beautiful already existing hiking trails on 180 kilometres and 14 stages, passing 14 world heritage villages.

Hiking from village to village, through picturesque wine makers’ villages and pretty Renaissance towns. Hike through shady hollow paths, past blossoming gardens and sunlit wine reeds. Around you the splendid monasteries, fortresses and churches of the world heritage Wachau and the view of the harmonically meandering river valley of the Danube. 14 stages with a total of 180 varied kilometres. If you want to go the whole trail you will need about 14 days. In about one week you can do either the North or the South shore. Three ferries will help you to get from one shore to the other. Hikers will not only be rewarded with dreamlike views and a multitude of cultural sights along the way, but also with a paradisiac density of wonderful inns – from rustic taverns and wine farms to cosy pubs and awarded restaurants.

Unique natural scenery

The river valley of the Wachau with all its scenic appeals and the impressive monasteries, fortresses and ruins is a true total artwork. As one of the Austria’s oldest cultural landscapes, the Wachau received the European diploma for nature conservation in 1994. In the year 2000, the Wachau was admitted to the UNESCO world heritage list as the only region at the whole Danube. At the end of 2008, it was chosen as the “Best Historic Destination in the World” by the National Geographic Traveler magazine.

Gentle wine reeds meet craggy rocks, sunny paths lead to shady ruins. The charm of contraditions will accompany hikers on every step. The highlights of the route are, among others, the idyllic hiking trails through the reeds along the famous prehistoric rock terraces. On the slopes of the typical dry grasslands grow rare plants, such as the European feather grass, after which one of the wine categories of the Wachau wines is named, and also some rare orchid species.

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