Village in mountainous landscape at sunset

Nature park Lower Austria

Valuable – worth protecting

Nature in Lower Austria is multifaceted and valuable. It is worth protecting also for the reason to preserve and to nurture biodiversity. The nature park Lower Austria (Naturland Niederösterreich) has set itself the goal of highlighting the natural diversity in the federal state and creating awareness of the value and necessity of preserving our natural areas.

Unique natural spaces

Our natural park Lower Austria is an initiative by the energy and environment agency Lower Austria on behalf of governor deputy Dr. Stephan Pernkopf. It understands itself as a platform to collect and process useful information about natural preserves, natural habitats and projects in Lower Austria, to initiate cooperations and to communicate similarities.

Created today for tomorrow’s generation

Behind all this are many committed partner organisations and people who have been doing outstanding work in Lower Austria for decades.

For it is only through the continuous work of many hands and heads that “Naturland Niederösterreich” has been able to grow to its present size and can also thrive in the future. Without intact ecosystems, man would not have clean drinking water, air to breathe and healthy soil to plant food and renewable raw materials. In addition, nature is available to us as a recreational space.

Get more information on the website about the reserves in Lower Austria and in the surroundings of Emmersdorf. At different events such as excursions or hikes you can get to know these wonderful natural habitats better. Marvel at the biodiversity of the fauna and flora that is native in Lower Austria – always worth a journey!