Family cycling in vineyards

Biking and cycling

Wachau – the region of leisurely cyclists

It is not easy to satisfy all bikers as everyone wants something different: Some like it best if they can cycle through as much landscape as possible, some throw themselves down the steepest slopes in rough areas and others love it if they can bike along preferably straight and even paths.

For the bikers following the Danube cycle path, Emmersdorf is an ideal stage goal and also known by the name “bikers’ village in the Wachau”. We want to offer our guests the holiday pleasure of biking.

Mobility in the Wachau with our hotel’s own bike rental

In the course of the federal state’s electric mobility initiative “e-mobil in niederösterreich” the Wachau has launched a pilot project where tourism and mobility, tradition and modern technology are connected in an ideal way. A whole tourism region which is also a UNESCO world heritage and “Best Historic Destination in the World” (“National Geographic Traveler Magazine”) becomes an e-mobility destination.

With an e-bike you can simply go further and improve your health. The electric bikes can be rented here at the Donauhof hotel. Of course you can also choose conventional bikes for your tours.

With electric mobility you simply get further and do something for your own health at the same time. The electric vehicles can be rented from us at the HOTEL DONAUHOF & LANDHOTEL WACHAU. Of course, in addition to our e-bikes, you also have the choice of normal bicycles for your tours.

No matter if you would like to go up the Jauerling mountain or plan a tour to the Yspertal valley – avid cyclists will look forward to the Wachau. You can also combine your tour with the Danube ship which will make your tour easier. And one thing is certain: After your bike tour your hotel will await you with best culinary and a comfortable room including massage beds. Look forward to your holiday in Emmersdorf, the gate to the Wachau.