Melk Abbey reflected in the Danube

The Benedictine abbey in Melk

Melk monastery – unique in Austria

Melk abbey belongs to the most important Baroque buildings and most visited sights in Austria. The Baroque masterwork by Jakob Prandtauer lies on a volcanic rock 60 metres above the Danube and features a grandiose abbey church, treasury, marble hall and one of the biggest monastery libraries of the world. But also the town of Melk at the foot of the monastery and the near Renaissance castle Schallaburg are worth a visit.

For more than 900 years, monks have been living and working here at Melk abbey. They follow the uninterrupted tradition of St. Benedict in pastoral care (the monastery includes 23 parishes), in the school (grammar school with about 880 pupils), trade, culture and tourism. Melk abbey has therefore been an important spiritual and intellectual centre of the federal state of Lower Austria since its beginnings.

In addition to the imperial rooms, a round tour of the monastery will also include the marble hall and the library, masterworks of Baroque spacial art with the famous frescos by Paul Troger, the balconies with a great view of the Danube landscape and the Western façade of the abbey church.

The abbey church and the new abbey museum

The abbey church marks the end and the highlight of the round tour. Artists such as Jakob Prandtauer, Johann Michael Rottmayr, Paul Troger, Antonio Beduzzi, Lorenzo Mattielli, Peter Widerin and many others created a total artwork to venerate God – an artwork beyond comparison and a prime example for Baroque architecture.

At the moment, the imperial rooms accommodate Austria’s most modern abbey museum. The topic of the exhibition is: “On the way from yesterday to today – Melk abbey in history and present”.

Melk abbey is a sight in Lower Austria which will enchant you. Immerse in the history and the grandeur of the impressive spiritual Baroque building which can already be seen from the hotel in Emmersdorf. We look forward to your holiday enquiry!