Hilly landscape in autumn with castle ruins in the distance

Seasons in the Wachau

Magnificent pleasures for the eyes and the palate all year round

Which season is the most beautiful in the Wachau? Well, every one! You love apricots or want to taste fresh wine? Then summer and autumn are your best holiday time. Or would you rather experience the apricot blossom and spring’s awakening? In winter, on the other hand, the Wachau excites visitors with its cosy advent markets, wintry landscape and thoughtful silence.

Spring in the Wachau – the time of the apricot blossom

The time of the apricot blossom is one of the most enchanting and beautiful …
Let yourself be enveloped by spring in the Wachau region!

Now you can already feel it because of the warm temperatures outside. Spring is here. The Wachau lives up in a special splendour when everything turns into a sea of blossoms. Not only the apricot trees but also almond, cherry & apple trees will enchant the eye. Go for a boat trip on the Danube, visit the monasteries in Göttweig and Melk or one of the many castles in the vicinity. Hike through the blossoming apricot orchards or discover everything from the bike saddle. Or simply use electric mobility to explore the Wachau!

Summer in the Wachau – all about apricots

The summer holiday will promise you a cornucopia of unforgettable experiences: Fantastic impressions from a unique natural paradise. The joy of sporty activity and enjoyable relaxation. And the unique feeling to know the body, mind and soul be united in harmony.

A special highlight: The apricot festival which will offer traditional entertainment in mid-July. Folklore shows – traditional dances in typical costumes with “Goldhaube” and songs – traditionally mark the beginning of an event dedicated to the apricot.

Maybe the most famous song about the Wachau:

"Mariandl -andl -andl, aus dem Wachauer Landl -Landl. Dein lieber Name klingt schon wie ein liebes Wort. Mariandl -andl -andl, du hast mein Herz am Bandl -Bandl. Du hältst es fest und lässt es nie mehr wieder fort.

Und jedes Jahr, stell ich mich ein, dran ist der Donaustrom nicht schuld und nicht der Wein. Ins Wachauer Landl -Landl, zieht mich ein Mariandl -andl. Denn sie will ganz allein, nur mein Mariandl sein."

Autumn wine in the Wachau: the new wine enters

The fruity-fresh autumn jewel in the glass – new wine – celebrates its peak. No matter if red or white, young and very sweet or riper and almost dusty, everyone has their favourite when it comes to drinking new wine. New wine is already the first qualitative herald of the new wine year!

After the time of the cloudy new wine, the new glittering young wine enters the glasses. Wine lovers can choose some very special young wines. Culinary-wise, young wine is the perfect match for all dishes thanks to its fresh aroma and promises uncomplicated drinking pleasure.

The season of autumn, maybe one of the most beautiful seasons, shows itself from its best side!

The landscape presents itself in its most colourful shades when the vineyards glow in the golden sunlight and create the most beautiful autumn colours.

Enjoy the last warm sunrays, experience beauty in its full colour range and get indulged with autumn specialties by the Donauhof Hotel or the Landhotel Wachau.

Winter holidays in the Wachau

The Wachau takes its beauty sleep and dreams of Blossom Sunday in April… but this doesn’t mean that it is any less beautiful in its winter gown.

After all the lavish splendour in the warm months, the Wachau’s nature lays itself to rest during winter. Vineyards and orchards have been harvested, no summery leaves covers the gaze and lets plenty of space for new considerations.

The – at the first glance – unadorned fits the Wachau region! Rime and snow lay themselves on the vineyards and the shores of the Danube like a protecting cover. Winter draws the landscape in the Danube region Wachau in warm pastel shades.

Those who seek soothing quietude far off lively slopes and the hustle and bustle of the cities can find it here at the wintery river Danube: During leisurely hikes through the winter garden Wachau, listening to concerts in the churches and monasteries or on advent markets with their smells and impressions.

While nature settles down in its hibernation, the hosts at the Wachau region are very awake!

Winter mood at the heart of the Wachau – an unforgettable experience without stress & hectic with your dear ones during Christmas specialties and cosiness in the Wachau.

Feel good at the Donauhof Hotel and enjoy the quieter time during a winter holiday in the Wachau. Escape the stressful pre-Christmas time and treat yourself to some hours just for you. We look forward to your enquiry!