Gourmet dish with side dishes and wine

Restaurant at the Donauhof

Regionally coined Austrian cuisine

Not only the incomparable landscape of the Wachau will enchant you in your holidays. Also the hearty and unique cuisine at the Donauhof will entice you with pleasures for the palate, combined with select wines from our exquisite wine cellar. Hardly any other region in Austria is as tempting as the Wachau!

À la carte restaurant with a view of the river Danube in Emmersdorf

Let yourself be indulged in our cosy fireplace parlour and in the restaurant area, as well as in the elegant Donaustube or, if the weather is fine, on the terrace facing the Danube. Our down-to-earth Austrian cuisine knows how to excite holiday and day guests:

Seasonal dishes of wild game, fresh fish from the Bründlmühle in the Waldviertel, vegetarian creations and sweet Wachau delicacies with the trademarked apricot are only some of the offers on our menu.

The offerings and products from our region are our favourites – because a nearby place of origin is the guarantee for the freshest and environmental friendliest ingredients. Therefore, we prefer to buy from producers from Lower Austria. Be it meat and fish, cheese, eggs, vegetables or fruits, regionality is more than a buzzword for us, but part of the philosophy that we live.

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