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One trail – many destinations

14 world heritage villages in the Wachau

The new world heritage trail Wachau connects existing hiking trails on 180 km, 19,000 metres of altitude and 14 stages in the world heritage Wachau with its 14 villages.

Long distance hiking in picturesque landscapes

A unique natural scenery, wide views, famous reeds & Emmersdorf – the world heritage trail municipality at the gate to the Wachau!

The stages of the world heritage trail – an overview:

  • Emmersdorf, market place – Melk, old town (10 km, 3 h hiking time)
  • Melk old towm – Aggsbach – hammer mill (17.5 km, 6 h hiking time)
  • Aggsbach – hammer mill – Hofarnsdorf, church square (16 km, 6 h hiking time)
  • Hofarnsdorf, church square – Rossatz, church square (17 km, 6.5 h hiking time)
  • Rossatz, church square – Unterbergen, church square (11.5 km, 4 h hiking time)
  • Unterbergen, church square – Göttweig monastery – Mautern, town hall square (13.5 km, 4.5 h hiking time)
  • Mautern, town hall square – Krems, high market (4 km, 1 h 15 min hiking time)
  • Krems, high market – Dürnstein old town (13 km, about 4.5 h hiking time)
  • Dürnstein old town – Weißenkirchen, market square (16 km, 6 h hiking time)
  • Weißenkirchen, market square – Spitz, market square (11.5 km, 4 h hiking time)
  • Spitz, market square – Mühldorf, market square (12 km, 4 h hiking time)
  • Mühldorf, market square – Jauerling – Maria Laach (14 km, 5.5 h hiking time)
  • Maria Laach, market square – Aggsbach, market square (7.5 km, 2 h hiking time)
  • Aggsbach, market square – Emmersdorf, market square (14.5 km, 5 h hiking time)

Best Trails of Austria

The world heritage trail Wachau is not a random hiking trail but belongs to the Best Trails of Austria. These outstanding hiking trails are characterised by several quality criteria: easy walkability, continuous consistent signposting, professional trail maintenance, online tour planner, GPS data and trail description and bookable hiking holidays incl. luggage transport. Simply everything that a hiking lover could want from an ideal hiking experience. Thus you can hike without worries and can fully concentrate on the surroundings. The beauties which you will come across during long distance hiking will stay in your memory for a long time.

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