Winegrowing area in the fog

Jauerling-Wachau nature park

Natural and cultural area with a long history

Nature parks represent Austria’s landscape and natural diversity and regional particularities. From the Lech river in Tyrol to Lake Neusiedl, 48 regions and landscapes in Austria in total have been awarded the title and award “nature park”. One of them is the Jauerling-Wachau nature park.

High above the shore of the Danube

The Jauerling-Wachau nature park is the only Austrian nature park at the Danube. It largely represents the Austrian Danube region and the interaction between river, wine, fruit and cattle agriculture and a species-rich natural habitat. Seven municipalities are a part of the nature park: Aggsbach, Emmersdorf, Maria Laach, Mühldorf, Raxendorf, Spitz and Weiten. As the highest peak at the whole Danube, the Jauerling mountain towers with its 960 metres above sea level. Thus it combines the UNESCO world heritage region Wachau with the Southern Waldviertel.

Natura 2000 region and UNESCO world heritage

Nature conservation and landscape enjoy a special value in the Jauerling-Wachau region. The Wachau became a landscape conservation area in 1955, received the European nature conservation diploma from the European commission and has been a UNESCO world cultural heritage since 2000. The Wachau and the Jauerling are a part of the Europe-wide reserve network Natura 2000 (fauna-flora-reserve and bird reserve). 

Part of Natura 2000 is the preservation of the most valuable natural habitats and animal and plant species.

The Jauerling-Wachau nature park is a member of the association Austrian nature parks. This umbrella association has set aims and guidelines for its members which are also acknowledged as a basis by the Jauerling-Wachau nature park. The four focal points of the Austrian nature parks rest on the four pillars:

  • Protection
  • Recreation
  • Education
  • Regional development

Discover the Jauerling-Wachau nature park

No matter if you decide to go hiking or take the mountain bike, or bathe at the paradisiac sandy beach in Luberegg, the nature park region can be experienced in diverse ways. Discover this natural jewel in front of your hotel, the Donauhof Hotel or the Landhotel Wachau. We will be happy to send you a holiday offer.