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Luberegg Castle

Luberegg Castle situated opposite Melk is one of the most romantic and extraordinary structures in the region.

Luberegg Castle was constructed shortly before 1787 by Joseph of Fürnberg, the famous Danube admiral and wood merchant from the Waldviertel.

In 1795 Fürnberg was broke and from this time onwards Luberegg Castle belonged to the imperial royal family whose head at the time was the Emperor Francis II. Between 1803 and 1811 Luberegg was the Emperor’s summer residence.

In 1919 Luberegg was occupied by French soldiers and following this it was expropriated together with other Habsburg fund possessions and finally administered by the Austrian Federal Forestry Office.

After extensive renovations of the pillaged and heavily dilapidated structure a first class culinary establishment found its home there together with a museum dedicated to the Emperor Francis II, thus opening the Castle to the public.

Time showed that Emperor Francis II was not attractive enough for a privately run museum so that this had to be closed after a few years.

Fire tower Luberegg
In Luberegg, in the old shore area, there are two old stone towers. In the old days they served as lighthouses and signal towers for the shipping on the Danube and illuminated as fire towers the wood stockyard and loading dock on the raft landing stage.

Since 2002 Luberegg Castle has been owned by the Josef Pichler family. With funding from the Federal Government, the county and out of their own funds flood protection was constructed around this unique castle complex and currently the main castle is being renovated and restored to its former glory. (monument conservation)

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