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The blossoming of the apricot trees

The time of the apricot blossom in the Wachau is certainly one of the best and most enchanting... Let spring in the Wachau cast its spell over you!

The outdoor temperatures are now pleasant – spring has arrived.
With a sea of apricot blossom the Wachau presents itself in all its splendour. It's not only the apricot trees but also the almond-, cherry- and apple trees that delight the senses.

Make good use of your days in the Wachau!

Take a boat trip on the Danube, visit the Abbeys of Göttweig or Melk, or one of the many castles in the region. Stroll or cycle among the blooming apricot trees. NEW: discover the Wachau with the new ELECTRO-MOBILITY!

The Wachau offers something for everyone!


Summer promises you many unforgettable experiences: fantastic impressions from a unique natural paradise. The enjoyment of sporting activities and pleasant relaxation. The unique sense of well-being knowing that body, mind and soul are united in harmony.

A special highlight: mid-July offers you hearty traditional entertainment at the big apricot festival. Folklore – dances in traditional costumes with the famous golden bonnet and songs form the prelude to this traditional event in the honour of the “apricot”.

Perhaps the most famous song about the Wachau:

“Mariandl-andl-andl, from the Wachau Valley.
Your beautiful name sounds already like a love word.
Mariandl-andl-andl, you have my heart on a string, on a string.
You hold it tight and never let it go again.

And every year I come again, I think the Danube is not responsible
Nor is the wine.
Into the Wachau Valley, draws me my Mariandl-andl.
For she alone will become my Mariandl.”

The young wine has arrived.....

It's again time for the fruity jewels of autumn in a glass, “Sturm” (fermenting young wine) is in season. Whether red or white, young and sweet, or older and dusty (unfiltered and therefore not clear) - everybody has their favourite and this is the first taste of the quality of the wine for the coming wine year!

After the cloudy-looking “Sturm”, the young wine sparkles in the glass. The connoisseur will find some very special new wines on offer.
On account of its freshness, this young wine is an uncomplicated pleasure and can be taken with all meals.

Autumn, surely one of the loveliest seasons, can be admired in all its glory!

The countryside lit up by the golden sunrays shimmering through the vines is surely an artist's dream of autumn colours.

Enjoy the last warm rays of sunshine, experience the region in all its colours and be pampered at the Hotel Donauhof or the Landhotel Wachau with their autumnal specialities.

The Wachau is having its beauty sleep and is dreaming of a Sunday in April full of blooms.

After the glory of the warm months nature in the Wachau is taking a winter break. The vineyards and orchards have been harvested, the views are no longer hidden behind the summer foliage and there is plenty of room for new views.

Austerity suits the Wachau well! Frost and snow lay a protective cover over the vineyards and the banks of the Danube. Winter paints the Danube region Wachau in delicate pastel tones.

For those who seek comforting silence instead of noisy ski slopes or the hustle and bustle of city life they will find this on the wintery Danube. Take a leisurely stroll
through the Wachau winter wonderland, listen to concerts held in churches and abbeys and let yourself be enchanted by the pre-Christmas impressions to be experienced in the numerous advent markets.

While nature hibernates, the hosts in the region are wide awake!

Winter atmosphere in the heart of the Wachau – an unforgettable experience without stress or rush with your loved ones enjoying delicious Christmas treats and the conviviality typical of the Wachau.
Experience true well-being in the Hotel Donauhof and enjoy a peaceful stay far from the stress and noise of urban life.
Escape from the pre-Christmas stress and enjoy a few hours just by yourself.

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