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The Wachau Hiking Trail (Welterbesteig)

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Austria!

One path, many destinations: Welterbesteig Wachau

Philosophers tell us that the journey is the real destination. In the case of the Welterbesteig Wachau there are many destinations to be reached. Walking past centuries old stone terraces, fragrant orchards, and flowering meadows it is not surprising that one begins to philosophise. Every step you take opens up new perspectives and views to dreamy places and breath-taking scenery. Every moment is precious. 

Let yourself be whisked away into the Wachau!

Hike the gentle way!

One says that paradise is like a lush garden, with every amenity. When you hike along the various trails you will pass through gardens that could be described as heavenly.
The celestial art treasures to be admired in churches and abbeys add to this impression. As the hungry hiker wants to refresh not just his soul but also his body he can choose from the delicious produce grown in the surrounding gardens and farms!

Nordic walking is the ideal sport to exercise the entire body without unduly stressing the bones and muscles and is suitable for everyone – whether a beginner or a trained expert.

Striding along through the enchanting countryside is good for body and soul and the numerous possibilities to be found in the vineyards or along the blue Danube are excellent ways to get to know better the region and its inhabitants.

Whether around the Donausee, along the Danube tow path, or on the romantic forest paths in the region of Emmersdorf there is something for every walker.
The Wachau is just the right place for you!

We can of course organise Nordic walking sessions for you with a trainer from our Denk Vital Institute

One path, many destinations! Unique scenery, endless views, famous vineyards and Emmersdorf – the Welterbesteig commune at the gateway to the Wachau!

One path, many destinations: the Welterbesteig Wachau

The new Welterbesteig Wachau with its 180 km. joins together the most beautiful existing hiking trails, 19.000 m cumulative elevation gain and 14 stages of the route in the 14 communes of the Welterbesteig.

Hike from place to place through the picturesque winemaking villages and the pretty Renaissance towns. Shady sunken paths lead past flowering gardens and sunny vineyards. To the left and right are the magnificent abbeys, castles and churches of the World Cultural Heritage Site Wachau with views to the winding river valley. The new Welterbesteig Wachau will be opened at the end of May and will lay the most beautiful sites of the Wachau at the visitors’ feet. The 180km long route is divided into 14 varied stages, and you will need about 14 days to hike comfortably along its entire length. You can manage either the north or the south bank in about a week. Three ferries comfortably link the north and the south banks. The hiker will be rewarded not only with the splendid views and the numerous cultural attractions along the way but also with a great number of marvellous refreshment facilities ranging from the rustic wine taverns through cosy inns to gourmet restaurants.

Unique Natural Setting

The Wachau river valley with its scenic attractions and the impressive abbeys, castles and ruins is a real synthesis of the arts. As one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Austria, the Wachau was awarded the “European Diploma for Nature Conservation” in 1994. As the only region in the entire length of the Danube the Wachau was listed in 2000 as an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and at the end of 2008 the National Geographic Traveller Magazine elected the Wachau as the “best historic destination in the world”.

Gentle vineyards meet rugged rocks, sun-drenched paths lead to shady ruins. The appeal of these apparent contradictions is present at every step. One of the highlight of the route are the idyllic vineyard-hiking paths along the ancient rock terraces. Rare plants can be seen on the slopes of these dry grassland areas such as the “Steinfedergras” (feather grass typical for rocky grounds) which lends its name to one of the Wachau's wines, as well as rare species of orchids.

For further information: www.welterbesteig.at

The new Welterbesteig Wachau with its 180 km. joins together the most beautiful existing hiking trails, 19.000 m cumulative elevation gain and 14 stages of the route in the 14 communes of the Welterbesteig.

One path, many destinations!
Unique scenery, endless views, famous vineyards and Emmersdorf – the Welterbesteig commune at the gateway to the Wachau!

The stages of the Welterbesteig – an overview:

  1. Emmersdorf, market square - Melk, historical centre (10 km, 3 h walking time)
  2. Melk, historical centre - Aggsbach Dorf, Hammerschmiede (17,5 km, 6 h walking time)
  3. Aggsbach Dorf, Hammerschmiede - Hofarnsdorf, church square (16 km, 6 h walking time)
  4. Hofarnsdorf, church square - Rossatz, church square (17 km, 6 h 30 min walking time)
  5. Rossatz, church square - Unterbergen, church square (11,5 km, 4 h walking time)
  6. Unterbergen, church square – Göttweig Abbey - Mautern, town hall square (13,5 km, 4 h 30 m walking time)
  7. Mautern, town hall square - Krems, Hoher Markt (4 km, 1 h 15 min walking time)
  8. Krems, Hoher Markt - Dürnstein historical centre (13 km about 4h 30 min walking time)
  9. Dürnstein, historical centre - Weißenkirchen, market square (16 km, 6 h walking time)
  10. Weißenkirchen, market square - Spitz, market square (11,5 km, 4 h walking time)
  11. Spitz, market square - Mühldorf, market square (12 km, 4 h walking time)
  12. Mühldorf, market square- Jauerling - Maria Laach (14 km, 5 h 30 min walking time)
  13. Maria Laach, market square - Aggsbach Markt, market square (7,5 km, 2 h walking time)
  14. Aggsbach Markt, market square - Emmersdorf, market square (14,5 km, 5 h walking time)

Attached is an overview of the most beautiful hiking routes in and around Emmersdorf!

14 stages/ Welterbesteig


One path, many destinations:
the 14 stages of the Welterbesteig mit its
14 communes as overview!

» more

» Overview map – world heritage communes (JPEG file)

Walking time: approx. 14 days


The Magdalen Route/Emmersdorf


Magdalene route – the purpose of this route is not just a listing of interesting milestones of our region, but it should show the visitor the places where his heart begins to pulsate.

» more

» Overview map (PDF_file)

Walking time: approx. 2 hours


Family Hiking Route/Hiking routes Melk

familienwanderwegFamily hiking trail – easy walking (7.7 km) starting in Melk in the direction of the Pielach Valley. Enjoy this family route and get to know the area and its inhabitants.

» more

» Overview map (PDF_file)

Walking time: approx. 2 hours


Schallaburg Route/Hiking routes Melk


Schallaburg hiking trail – wonderful hike lasting 2.5 hours with impressive views of Maria Taferl, Ostrong, Artstetten Castle, parish church of Leiben, the ruins at Weitenegg, Melk Abbey, Jauerling and the Dunkelsteiner Forest.

An easy hike from Melk Abbey to the Schallaburg

» more

» Overview map (PDF_file)

Walking time: approx. 2.5 hours


Three Churches Route / Nature Park Jauerling

drei kirchen weg

Three Churches Route – this trail links the three exceptional churches in the nature park. The parent parish church Weitental (St.Stephen), the pilgrimage church of Heiligenblut (St.Andrew) and the pilgrimage church of Maria Laach (St. Mary of the Assumption). The junction of these trails is the Nonnerdorfer Cross at Jauerling.

You can recharge your batteries on the Three Church Route, far away from busy roads, with a view over the valley, the highlands of Jauerling and the southern areas of the „Waldviertel”.

» more

Walking time: various individual routes are possible


Spitzer Graben

spitzer graben

Spitzer Graben – is a charming side valley to the west of the lovely wine village of Spitz in the Wachau and was opened in 2008.

Access to this wine hiking trail, which rightly bears the name PANORAMAWEG (panoramic trail) is possible at various points.

» Overview map  (PDF-file)

Walking time: 2.5 hours – various individual routes are possible


» Hiking map of the Panoramaweg –Wachau as a PDF file

Einzigartig. Vielseitig. Schützenswert.
Das Naturland Niederösterreich

Die niederösterreichische Natur ist vielfältig und wertvoll. Sie ist daher auch schützenswert, vor allem um die Biodiversität zu erhalten und zu fördern. Naturland Niederösterreich hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die natürliche Vielfalt im Bundesland aufzuzeigen und Bewusstsein für den Wert und die Notwendigkeit der Erhaltung unserer Naturräume zu schaffen.

Naturland Niederösterreich ist eine Initiative der Energie- und Umweltagentur Niederösterreich im Auftrag von LH-Stv. Dr. Stephan Pernkopf. Wir verstehen uns als Plattform, die Wissenswertes rund um Schutzgebiete, Naturräume und Projekte in Niederösterreich sammelt und aufbereitet, Kooperationen initiiert und Gemeinsamkeiten kommuniziert.

Naturparke repräsentieren die landschaftliche und natürliche Vielfalt und regionalen Besonderheiten Österreichs. Vom Tiroler Lech bis zum Neusiedler See haben insgesamt 48 Regionen und Landschaften den Titel und Auszeichnung „Naturpark“ verliehen bekommen.

Der Naturpark Jauerling-Wachau ist der einzige österreichische Naturpark entlang der Donau. Er repräsentiert in hohem Maße die österreichische Donauregion und das Zusammen- und Wechselspiel zwischen Fluss, Wein-, Obst- und Viehwirtschaft und einem artenreichen Naturraum.

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